30″ Round Tables (Seat 3-4)


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    30″ Round Tables (Seat 3-4)

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    1. cini4ugtqxz@yahoo.com

      PowersamuraiSeptembe PowersamuraiSeptember 7, 20121) I want to see how many goals has a goalkeeper scoerd in his career. In FM 2012 there's no way to see it and also there is a bug, when every goalkeeper's goals is called his season first.2) I want the earned money as a manager to be actually useful, this means it would be great to spend somehow: houses, cars, etc. I know that many players might not want it, but guys, this would be completely optional. Just an add-on that doesn't change anything but would be welcomed by many.3) More advanced manager contracts. Money rewards for winning a cup, a league, personal awards.4) Random events like a takeover of a club by a billionaire, birth of a great manager that wins everything (like Mourinho).5) Great achievements should be adequately announced. In FM 2012 you can win Champions League 3 times in a row and all you get is another message from your happy board or fans. In the real world you would be a worldwide known person, the greatest manager in history. Also there should be some messages about new world's top players. In the current version of FM if there's a great player he simply scores a lot of goals, may gain awards, move to a big club etc. In the real world he would be a huge celebrity, a star, like Ronaldo or Messi. There's no feeling of that in the current FM.

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