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      Horze Royal Equus Do Horze Royal Equus Down & Under stalldekkenProductID.: 24361-DDB-145Price: 699.00 NOKColor: Dark Blue (DDB)stf8rrelse: 145 Horze Royal Equus vkieerdekntnProductID.: 24356-DDB-145Price:1,190.00 NOKColor: Dark Blue (DDB)size: 145 Horze Savannah dressursjabrakProductID.: 17029-DDB-FPrice:259.00 NOKfarge: Dark Blue (DDB)Size: F Why I want to win:Correction: Why I want my horse to win.Two years ago I startet ride this amazing Thoroughbred, and I couldn't stop thinking what a perfect math we were. And then, last summer, his owner decided to put him down, because she didn't want to keep him anymore. He has bad knees, and she didn't believe she would ever find anyone who would buy him. I used my savings to buy him and some equipment for a cheap price, and I have never been som happy in my life. His old owner used him in show jumping, and I wanted to try to protect his legs, therefore every activity involving jumping was off the table. And then in March, he became sick- out of the blue. He was limping like crazy, and not wanting to give up on him, I used all of my savings on vets, treatments and meds. He also had a bad reaction on some medications, which gave him colic. The vets discovered old medical files from when he was a racehorse, and he got shots with cortison in his forelegs at the age of 3. He ran for a whole year after his shots, until he was 4. I can only imagine what my horse has been through, and the thought makes me very sad. No horse should be worn out, so to speak, at the age of 3. Anyway, no one could figure out what exacly was/ is wrong with him, but luckily he got better in August, and is on his way to recovery. As you might imagine, I don't have much money these days, and my precious horse needs and deserves some new equipment. With the cold weather in Norway, he could really need some new, warm blankets, as the old ones are getting worn out. I don't think that I deserve this gift anymore than any other girl out in the world, but I know that my horse deserves this, after everything he's been through. I love my horse, and I just wish I had all the money in the world to spend on him, giving him everything that he deserves.

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